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Writer's Block: Are you afraid of the dark? 
8th-Dec-2011 11:49 pm
I'm scared of people. I hate presenting something when there's a mass of people; I'm totally nervous, my hands start to get sweat more than usual (I have usually slightly sweat hands, something I received from my father >.>) and they're shaking... I'm scared of what will people think about me after I speak and I'm scared of any mistake I do. It is like this in school - I hate presenting projects and stuff... classmates are all like "hahaha" when you do something stupid, doesn't matter if it is small or big mistake; they mock you and laugh at you.

I'm shy towards most people. I'm not saying almost anything until the person or group don't start first with a subject, then I usually add myself to the conversation and say my opinion... Because of that, some people think that I'm offended or something like that. But that's not true, I'm just less comunicative than they are. With my old friends that I know well, I speak normally with them, mostly about things we like or what's happening... We always have something to talk about.

It is different on net though. I can speak with people on net normally, chat with them on skype & fb; share my opinion in comments, my life in tweets... it's just something different, because I can't see people's reactions to them. I can only read them. Sometimes, I can get hurt by them though.

And just now, I'm telling you something more about myself and I'm not scared about it, ha.
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